Frequently Asked Questions

What is VendorDB?

VendorDB is a platform for independent information on vendors of Research Chemicals, which is still under heavy development.

Is VendorDB free?

Yes! Both free as in freedom, and free as in beer! VendorDB is purely based on donations. There are no fees, paywalls, locked content, premium memberships, and also no ads!
The source code is available on GitHub

How can I stay updated on the progress of VendorDB's development?

By joining the Matrix Space or checking out our GitHub Page

Will VendorDB support multiple languages?

Currently, this is not planned. However, we may look into it in the future. If you're a translator, feel free to reach out!

Why is my review being held?

VendorDB uses a reputation system to combat spam, instead of privacy-risking and annoying captcha services. When you post your first review, a moderator will need to manually check whether it's spam before it goes online. After the first one, you've got a chance for your review to go online without prior approval. Every time a moderator approves one of your reviews, this chance is increased (up to 75%), and every denied or deleted one decreases it.

Staff reserves the right to manually modify your reputation at any point, in any direction. You may also be reputation-locked, which prevents you from gaining reputation.

Formula for the nerds (JavaScript):
isHeld = user.reputation > 0 ? Math.random() >= Math.min(user.reputation / 100, 0.75) : true

Can reviews be edited?

No. Neither by us, you, or any vendors. Every review is completely set in stone once it is submitted. However, reviews may be deleted only by VendorDB staff if they are determinded to be spam or otherwise malicious. Reviews are never deleted to impact ratings, for any reason, including money.

Can I delete my reviews?

Yes, but also no. Currently, the only way for you to delete reviews is to delete your entire account (which deletes all your reviews as well). However, we're still not sure if we will be keeping it this way.

What do the symbols next to reviews mean?

This review is connected to a verified purchase
This review was written by VendorDB staff
The author of this review registered their account less than 7 days ago